coverI’m a wife, mother-of-two, and former Registered Nurse,  residing in Hendersonville, Tennessee.

Since the summer of 2012, my life has taken an extraordinary turn. While vacationing on Sanibel Island, I was looking for a book to read. I couldn’t find anything that interested me at the time, so I decided to write what I wanted to read. What started as a nightly ritual of relaxing and writing, ended with an 84,000-word novel.

My dream was to have one copy printed, set it on the shelf of the island bookstore, snap a picture . . . and run!

An undercover mission won’t be necessary now, however, as it is published and will be carried in said bookshop. My dreams have come true!

Thank you to everyone who has supported and encouraged me. None of this would be possible without you!

~Lisa July 2013

Lighthouse Point, my debut novel,  is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble (nook), and will be hitting the shelves of the Sanibel Island Bookshop July 15, 2013.